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Why use cloth -- The Logic and the Beauty in Cloth Diapering

Why use cloth -- The Logic and the Beauty in Cloth Diapering

A single baby use around 7-10 disposable diapers in a day. That translate to:


210 - 300 diapers = A month

2,520 - 3,600 = A year 

7,560 - 10,800 = Until potty training (3 years)


For some who are potty-trained much later, of course it would be more. 

Now think of just 500,000 babies in let’s say 10 cities. This is a very conservative estimate, of course. This equates to:


3,780,000,000 - 5,400,000,000

Disposable Diapers.


Used ONCE and THROWN away.

Yes, the figures are in BILLIONS. 




That’s a lot of trash, I know. Imagine tons and tons of black plastic bags full of disposable diapers. And these diapers will last in the landfill for 450-500 years. That’s how long it takes for these things to break down.

Now, imagine these babies use cloth diapers. And each of them has 24 diapers from birth to potty training. So what do they have here:


24 cloth diapers = A month

24 cloth diapers = A year 

24 cloth diapers = Until potty training (3 years)


This figure is for a 3 year period of use, from birth to potty training. 

And after 3 years? No, you won’t chuck them away in the trash. These diapers can still be used by the next baby, and the next, and the next.

So what's the life cycle of a cloth diaper? 

Use, wash, reuse. Rinse and repeat. And then hand them down to the next baby.

This, gorgeous moms, is the beauty of cloth diapers. ❤️

What’s more: natural fabrics to catch the pee, no harmful chemicals next to your baby’s skin.

Just cloth. 



Switch to cloth now! 

Your baby can have the best and premium cloth diapers here:


  • Materials are made of high quality materials, CPSIA safety standard compliant (USA manufactured);
  • Print doesn’t fade;
  • Easy to use and wash;
  • A great nighttime diaper because of it’s highly absorbent, organic, and all natural hemp-bamboo absorbent layers;
  • These are handcrafted with love in a family-friendly environment.

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